July 2013 JPGN Articles
1 - Which of the following are not contained within the PedsQL™ EoE Module:
A   - Eosinophils per high powered field on endoscopic esophageal mucosal biopsy (peak count)
B   - Trial of high dose proton pump inhibitor therapy
C   - Symptoms related to esophageal dysfunction
D   - Both A and B
E   - Both A and C
F   - A, B and C
2 - Which of the following areas of EoE health would not be captured in the PedsQL™EoE Module:
A   - The absence of histologic disease or disease remission
B   - Endoscopic disease activity
C   - Mental well-being
D   - Both A and B
E   - Both B and C
3 - For the PedsQL™EoE Module symptom outcome assessments, what is the youngest age recommended for child self report?
A   - 4 years of age
B   - 6 years of age
C   - 7 years of age
D   - 8 years of age
4 - The process by which subject agreement (using intraclass correlation coefficients) in domain responses from one questionnaire administration to a separate questionnaire administration over a discrete time period is termed:
A   - Construct validation
B   - Multitrait scaling analysis
C   - Hypothesis testing