NASPGHAN-Improving Understanding in the Diagnosis and Management of Carbohydrate-Induced Diarrhea
1 - What is the typical age of onset for a patient diagnosed with glucose-galactose malabsorption?
A   - 1-7 days
B   - 3-6 months
C   - 1-2 years
D   - 3-15 years
2 - All of the following may induce diarrhea in a patient with congenital sucrase-isomaltase deficiency EXCEPT:
A   - Potatoes
B   - Oranges
C   - Table sugar
D   - Bread
E   - Sucralose
3 - When conducting a hydrogen breath test in a child with possible fructose malabsorption, the suggested oral load of fructose is:
A   - 0.5 g/kg fructose (maximum 15 g)
B   - 1.0 g/kg fructose (maximum 25 g)
C   - 2.0 g/kg fructose (maximum 50 g)
D   - 3.0 g/kg fructose (maximum 75 g)
4 - A 12-year-old patient complains of abdominal pain, diarrhea, and bloating when he drinks soft drinks and eats most fruits. Which diagnostic evaluations should be performed to confirm this diagnosis?
A   - Breath testing and small intestinal mucosal biopsy
B   - Dietary exclusion and breath testing
C   - Dietary exclusion and stool testing
D   - Small intestinal mucosal biopsy and stool testing
5 - What is the appropriate dose of calcium supplementation for a 7-year-old patient with confirmed lactase deficiency?
A   - 400 mg daily
B   - 700 mg daily
C   - 1000 mg daily
D   - 1300 mg daily
6 - In a 2-year-old patient with functional diarrhea, which of the following changes should be made to the diet?
A   - No dietary restrictions are necessary
B   - Adherence to a low carbohydrate diet
C   - Avoidance of starches
D   - Restriction of juices
7 - An advantage of sacrosidase over lyophilized baker’s yeast is that it:
A   - Is available over the counter
B   - Has no associated adverse effects
C   - Is more palatable
D   - Is a cheaper option
8 - Which of the following is NOT a typical symptom of carbohydrate malabsorption disorders?
A   - Diarrhea
B   - Bloody stool
C   - Abdominal pain
D   - Flatulence
9 - When implementing a gluten-free diet in a patient with celiac disease, which of the following foods should the patient avoid?
A   - Barley
B   - Cornmeal
C   - Rice
D   - Beans
10 - How long should a newborn diagnosed with glucose-galactose malabsorption be kept on a carbohydrate-free formula?
A   - 3 months
B   - 6 months
C   - 9 months
D   - 12 months