NASPGHAN - January 2013 JPGN - Training Guidelines
1 - What is the minimum time recommended for clinical training within a three year fellowship?
A   - 12 Months
B   - 15 Months
C   - 18 Months
D   - 24 Months
2 - Which of the following statements is correct with regard to scholarship within a three year pediatric gastroenterology fellowship?
A   - At least 18 months must be devoted to scholarship
B   - A peer-reviewed research grant proposal or manuscript reporting original research is required
C   - Oversight should be provided by a committee, including the mentor
3 - Advanced clinical training (without certification) in an area of pediatric gastroenterology could occur in the following way(s):
A   - As additional clinical training within the context of a three year fellowship
B   - As an additional year of fellowship after graduation
C   - As mentored post-fellowship training
D   - All of the above
4 - As part of a rotation on the hepatology service, a first year pediatric gastroenterology fellow participates in the multidisciplinary planning of the discharge of a 5 year old who underwent a successful liver transplant. The multidisciplinary aspect of this activity relates best to which of the following competencies:
A   - Problem-based learning
B   - Professionalism
C   - Medical knowledge
D   - Systems-based practice
5 - As a program director, you are approached by a fellow in midway through his second year of pediatric gastroenterology fellowship training who is concerned that he is still struggling with colonoscopy despite having participated in the recommended number of procedures. The most appropriate response is:
A   - Reassure him that what is important for fellowship training is that he has completed the recommended number of procedures
B   - Arrange for a competency assessment and additional experience to address any identified deficits
C   - Reassure him by stating that individuals really only learn to do colonoscopy after completion of fellowship
D   - Arrange for him to do an additional 30 procedures before graduation